The Kickstart Fiber Campaign is Here!

Read more about our Kickstart Fiber Campaign to see why we need fiber in Powhatan, and how you can help make it happen with a simple pledge or contribution.

We are Powhatan Internet Cooperative

We are a non-profit, member-owned Internet Service Provider in Powhatan County, Virginia.  Please be patient as many areas of the site are under construction, as is the Co-op behind the scenes!  Currently we’re working on a feasibility study to determine the cost to design and implement a 100% fiber optic network. This network is planned to reach all homes and businesses in Powhatan County.

The purpose of this website is to give the public, and future members, total transparency into the development of the Internet Cooperative.


That means when you become a member, you’re an owner!  You get real equity, in the company, and YOU get ownership over YOUR Internet access.  Our leadership will be democratically elected.  You can help nominate candidates, or become a candidate yourself and represent the citizens of Powhatan on the Board.  More importantly, you get a vote, and your input counts.

Our first task is to recruit members.  Are you interested in faster, more reliable Internet that’s provided at a fair price? Then you need to join the Co-op movement! There’s currently a $10 membership fee – fill out our membership application form.  The $10 fee covers our administrative costs for office supplies and marketing material (flyers, signs, stickers… and the website!) to build interest in the Co-op.

Thank you for your interest in building an Internet Cooperative, and please browse the site to find out more information.