Powhatan Internet Cooperative will be a non-profit (501c12) cooperative, owned by its members, people of Powhatan County.  Today, there are several telecommunications companies servicing Powhatan County, but due to there for-profit nature, they refuse to provide services to our entire county, or they have business plans that capitalize on the desperate need for Internet services while charging exorbitant prices, and providing substandard broadband speeds.  In an effort to bring technology to all of Powhatan, we will band together and build our own fiber optic network.  Powhatan Internet Cooperative will be chartered, not by executives in suits, or some outside company, but by local people going door-to-door right here in Powhatan County.

Our plan will be to offer a wide variety of telecommunication services, including: high speed Internet, local/long-distance telephone, facsimile (fax) services, hosting, security, and possibly franchise cable television if a majority of members should request it.  Our top priority will be to provide our customers (our members) with communications services at an excellent value with outstanding customer service, keep jobs local, and bring more economic opportunity to Powhatan County.

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