Kickstart Fiber Campaign

Powhatan Internet Co-op seeks to construct a fiber optic network that will encompass all of Powhatan County, and we need your help!  We are a member-owned, non-profit cooperative.  That means we don’t profit personally from contributions or services sold.  That also means we get our Internet Service at-cost.  Do you want better Internet?  Do your kids need faster, more reliable Internet access for school?  Should Powhatan be the best-served community in Virginia through fiber Broadband?  If you answered yes to any of those, then you need to become a member, and join our Kickstart Fiber Campaign.  Any level of support helps us reach our goal.

Funding Meter (fills up orange as we receive funding)
$0 0%

Through our Kickstart Fiber Campaign, we hope to accomplish the following tasks in Powhatan County in this order:

  1. Purchase a network design software and conduct a feasibility study to determine exact cost and materials (2 months)
  2. Design and build a 60,000-square-foot Co-op Headquarters, Data Center, New Business Development Incubator, and Technology epicenter of Powhatan County (12 months)
  3. Construct a Passive Optical Network (fiber optic) throughout Powhatan County to reach every home and business (24 months)
  4. Make Powhatan County the most desired, sought after community in which to live, learn, work and play.

Why a Kickstarter?

Simply put – there’s no other way to fund the construction of this network.  The USDA, Tobacco Commission, and FCC have no money for Broadband, or Powhatan County doesn’t meet the criteria to apply for funding for Broadband.  Financial institutions will not loan money to build telecommunication networks.  Investors don’t invest in non-profit cooperatives.  A grassroots, community-driven funding through the generosity and determination of our citizens is the only way we can succeed.

Funding Goals

We must achieve a minimum of $3M funding to begin construction on the Co-op Headquarters building, and the fiber optic network.


Reaching the maximum funding (100%) will allow us to complete all of our tasks within a 24-month timeframe, and serve our entire community with fiber optic Internet access.


Rewards are available in three categories: individual, neighborhood, and county.  Individual rewards are unlocked through money you pledge or contribute to pre-paid services, thereby earning you rewards based on the amount.

Neighborhood rewards are unlocked when a certain percentage of neighbors join in our kickstarter campaign.  Encourage your neighbors to join to reach higher levels of participation and unlock rewards for your neighborhood!

County rewards are achieved when we reach overall funding goals throughout the entire county.  These rewards are something of which our members or community can all share in the benefit of having.

Rewards Matrix

Install only
($200 residential)
Hall of Members name engraving
Install + 6 mo.
($499.70 residential)
Small paver
(2 lines)
Small paver
(3 lines)
Install + 12 mo.
($799.40 residential)
Large paver
(3 lines)
Large paver
(6 lines)
$5,000+1Gbps @ base service price
  • The Hall of Members will be a large, well lit hallway in the Co-op Headquarters.  On the west wall will be all of the names engraved in marble that gave at least their installation payment during the kickstarter.
  • Pavers (small 4″ x 8″, large 8″ x 8″) will be engraved to memorialize the contributions made by members that prepay 6 to 12 months of service in addition to the installation.  These pavers will be installed in the hardscape open-air market and garden area outside, bordering Old Buckingham Road.
  • Residential or business members that contribute $5,000 or more in prepaid services will be rewarded with the 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) service for the base service price of $49.95 for residential or $69.95 for business.
  • Members that desire to contribute $10,000 or more should please contact us – we would like to meet with you to determine a suitable reward and recognition for your sacrifice.
40%Hall of Members
neighborhood plaque
60%1Gbps @ base service price
100%10Gbps @ 1Gbps service price
  • Neighborhood participation rates are based on number of households in a community that prepay their installation and 12 months of service or higher level of commitment
  • At 60% participation, all members in that community will receive the 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) service level for the base service price ($49.95 for residential)
  • At 100% participation, all members in that community will receive the 10Gbps (10,000 Mbps) service level for the base service price ($49.95 for residential) – there is no limit on the size of the community.
$6MMember WiFi
$9MCivic Donation
$12M1Gbps @ base service price
$24M10Gbps @ 1Gbps service price
  • Arcade will be established in the Co-op headquarters building where it will be accessible by members 24/7.
  • For Member WiFi we will work with all business members and public locations to install a private WiFi network for all members to have unlimited Internet access while on-the-go
  • Our Civic Donation is still undecided, and we are accepting ideas as to the nature and recipient of that reward level
  • At 50% funding, we will reward ALL members with the 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) service at the base service price: $49.95 for residential, $69.95 for business
  • At 100% funding, we will reward ALL members with the 10Gbps (10,000Mbps) service at the 1Gbps service price: $89.95 for residential, $109.95 for business

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