Co-op Weekend Update (2/4/18)

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This is your Co-op Weekend Update from February 4, 2018.

We’re a little late in getting posted here because I wanted to get yesterday’s notes typed up and posted to our website. We had a workshop yesterday to talk about our upcoming Kickstarter to fund the Co-op’s fiber network. Those notes are located on our site at:…/agendas-m…/workshop-02-04-18/

This past week has mainly focused on getting ready to launch the Kickstarter, as well as some immediate needs and opportunities for the Co-op. So please read the Notes page when you have time, and you’ll be caught up on all of the discussion items.

We’re looking forward to doing a live broadcast when we launch the Kickstarter. It’ll be several 10-15 minute presentations about the campaign, then we’ll have discussion for as long as people want to ask questions. We’ll announce those live broadcasts well in advance so you can make plans to tune in for one.


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