Phase I Start

June 7, 2017

Phase I: Formation officially begins with the SCC Registration of the Cooperative.

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SCC Filing

June 8, 2017

Today we filed our SCC Form 819 to register the Powhatan Internet Cooperative as a Virginia Non-stock Corporation.

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Phase I Fundraiser Kickoff

June 12, 2017

GoFundMe Fundraiser Kickoff to raise money for corporate licensing costs with Virginia (CLEC) and Federal Government (501(c)12). Our goal is $1500.

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First Official Monthly Board Meeting

June 27, 2017

First official Board Meeting for the newly formed Cooperative.

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Phase II Start

August 1, 2017

Phase II: Feasibility officially begins as we plan and calculate all aspects of designing and building a fiber optic network.

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Phase II Fundraiser Kickoff

August 2, 2017

GoFundMe Fundraiser Kickoff to raise money for feasibility software FiberPlanIt. Our goal is $15,000.

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Phase Two Fundraiser Event

December 8, 2017

Fundraiser to assist in raising funds for Phase II Feasibility Study.

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Phase III Start

January 2, 2018

Phase III Foundation: Start construction on a Co-op Data Center in central Powhatan County for the purposes of originating/terminating all fiber optic connections, and providing cross-connections to Mid-Atlantic Broadband’s POP on Old Buckingham Road.

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Phase IV Start

May 1, 2018

Phase IV Fiber: Start constructing Co-op owned fiber optic network to members.

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Phase V Start

May 1, 2019

Phase V Fortify: feature phase that includes service upgrade options to 10Gbps, fiber redundancy in connections, and open access to offer better content delivery to Powhatan.

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